StratCo regularly looks to expand its team of consultants for projects related to strategy, structure, mergers and processes that support our clients’ competitiveness. We seek recent graduates in Economics, Engineering and Business Administration with maximum two years of experience, advanced English, highly analytical minds and a strong disposition to work in teams.

We believe our team is our great differentiator, and what allows us to create leaders that transform their organization and their country. If you are interested in joining our team, contact us today.

StratCo Alumni

«I learned what it means to work as a team, it is amazing how everyone helps each other regardless of what project they are in. What I value most was the opportunity to learn new things every day. What I learned at StratCo is without a doubt the foundation to face all the challenges the future may bring.”

Alejandro Esguerra
Period: 2010-2014

“StratCo gives you the possibility to create friends, learn, debate and challenge like few places in the profesional world. I would highlight the way in which StratCo pushes you to find concrete solutions daily, and the way it forces you to relate to your surroundings, giving you an unmatched base to develop your analytical and strategic skills and to shape your character. I loved the chance to interact with the most important players across industries, building short, medium and long-term solutions for the sustainability of businesses.”

Antonio Buelvas
Period: 2013-2014 

“I had the opportunity to take my professional career in a different direction from my academic studies which broadened my horizons considerably. I participated in many interesting projects with a high degree of responsibility which led me to challenge myself to successfully contribute to the team, the company and the projects.”

Juliana Castaño
Period: 2001-2006

“My experience at StratCo was a critical point in my professional life and it influenced almost every aspect of my management style, from how I think to solve a problem, to how I treat my team. I could not have chosen a better leadership school.”

Luz Helena Jaramillo
Period: 2007-2011

“My time at StratCo was gratifying and fulfilling. I was impressed with its focus on developing people, creating value to clients and society, and nurturing a positive work environment. StratCo is the starting point of my career, if it weren’t for this company I would not find myself in a management position, adding a lot of value to my current company”

Valentina Velásquez
Period: 2012-2013