We treat client needs with frameworks and methodologies that generate competitive advantages and distinctive organizational capabilities in five key areas.


icon_compass STRATEGY

How do we grow and win at our game?
The conscious definition of a strategy is unavoidable. Strategy is the choice of how we organize our resources and actions in order to succeed. At StratCo we collaborate with our clients in the thorough reflection needed to define paths for growth and determine the required actions to succeed in a competitive and globalized environment

What do we do in Strategy?
StratCo has developed different methodologies to assure that a specific strategic approach answers the fundamental questions of competitiveness, growth and skill development within the organization:

  • Strategic reflections
  • Industry analysis
  • Identification and prioritization of strategic choices
  • Implementation of selected choices

In all strategic exercises, we help clients identify necessary changes in organizational structure, internal processes, and monitoring and control mechanisms that will translate the strategy into results


How do we organize ourselves in order to implement a strategy?
For a company to achieve its strategic objectives, it must have a flexible and agile organization that works effectively. Organizational design aligns governance, distribution of responsibilities, decision-making and the coordination of actions to make strategy happen

What do we do in organizational design?
StratCo offers counseling and support in topics such as:

  • Design and evaluation of organizational models
  • Design of internal coordination mechanisms
  • Construction of corporate governance models and Good Governance codes
  • Design of functional and evaluation schemes for Boards of Directors

Each of these projects is carried out under the premise that an appropriate design promotes the implementation of strategy, assuring the integrity and efficiency of processes and clarity in relations within the organization




Why does operational excellence matter?
Operational excellence gives us the ticket to play in a globalized economy. The frontier for efficiency levels, opportunity, quality and client service is constantly being pushed forward, with tough consequences for those who stay behind. Excellent execution and the optimum performance of processes and projects makes the effort invested in designing a winning strategy worthwhile.

What do we do in processes and projects?
We support our clients in a joint effort to:

  • Establish quality mechanisms that bring about continuous improvement
  • Redesign processes in order to reduce time and costs and improve service and quality
  • Design Service Level Agreements that improve value chain coordination
  • Create Project Management Offices (PMO) and train its personnel in methodologies and tools


How do I know I am moving towards my targets?
The choice of metrics, the design of dashboards and the establishment of goals and objectives have powerful effects on organizational behavior. These elements make up a Balanced Scorecard, which properly communicated, becomes an essential tool for achieving a strategy and monitoring the team’s performance

What do we do in Performance Measurement?
In StratCo we support our clients in the design of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) following a methodology like the one proposed by Norton and Kaplan, in order to ensure strategic alignment. Our projects in Performance Measurement allow us to:

  • Identify the strategic objectives of the organization in each dimension of the BSC
  • Understand how each area of the organization contributes to the strategic objectives
  • Define metrics and build key indicators for each area
  • Establish the architecture of the BSC




Who do we count on to achieve our goals?
In a globalized world, successful organizations understand that achieving goals and competitiveness depends largely on the effective management of people

What do we do in Talent Management?
We support our clients in the transformation of employees into collaborators in a broader sense: a team that is aligned, motivated and committed to contribute to the business, and which operates in an environment conducive to the adequate and timely development of their roles and responsibilities. They understand the organization as a whole system, which empowers them to maintain, adapt and create behaviors that promote and strengthen the culture of the organization

Along with TalentPartner, our strategic ally and expert in Talent Management, we support our clients in the implementation and strengthening of this concept, through the following tools:

  • Diagnosis of the organizational climate and culture
  • Definition of transformation plans aligned with the strategy
  • Design and evaluation of competency models
  • Evaluation of performance (KPI)