Our Origin

Our story starts in the year 2000 as the first consulting firm in Colombia established as a spin-off from a multinational firm.

We took the  the rigorous formation in multinational companies and framed it in new business models and analytical approaches. At the center of this model, we positioned our two most important assets: consultants and the service to our clients.

We are convinced that people who feel comfortable and happy, learn fast, work hard and find satisfaction in seeking excellence serving their clients. The organizations that we serve also have people, who we value for their professionalism and expert knowledge about their work. By being at our clients’ service, we form coalitions that combine their talents with our problem solving methodologies and project management skills to develop joint solutions that generate value.

As a Group, we are a team of more than 35 people, 3 companies and 8 partners. Our work has earned us the trust of more than 220 clients,  for whom we are the first choice as advisors. We have the honor to have participated in relevant processes that have transformed the business landscape and the public sector in our region. With our work model we make things really happen.


At StratCo we  form leading organizations and people who transform their country.

To carry this out, we base our actions in principles and values in which we believe deeply:

It allows us to build long-lasting relations and thus accomplish ever-greater objectives.

To nourish it, we make an effort to exceed expectations, we only make promises we can keep, are frank and respectful in dialogue and competent in what we do.

It represents the comfort of knowing that we share the same sense of what is valuable and have the same care to preserve it.

It is the sum of individual strengths committed to a common goal.

It transforms its members by teaching them how to listen, commit, be humble and tolerant, collaborate and build harmony, and give and receive feedback from colleagues.

It is the best path to success.

It is giving all we have to offer.

We are not satisfied until we get the best results.

It is how we give purpose to our lives and surprise our customers.

We are thankful for what life has given us, we love our job, support others generously and value and love the team around us.

These traits create a learning environment and growth that sets us apart and makes us proud of what we have built collectively.

It recognizes that we are different, may not think alike and accept that these differences are legitimate; it is admiring the human being with whom we relate and treating them the way we like to be treated.

It requires tolerance, listening and being listened to, impeccably fulfilling our commitments, giving early warning when we will not be able to, taking responsibility and being mindful about the importance of everyone else’s time.



Grupo StratCo

The Group is made up of three companies focused on the corporate value chain, generating  a robust portfolio of services that respond to the needs of modern organizations.

In the Group we solve our clients’ needs with methodologies that generate competitive advantages and distinctive organizational capabilities, understand market situations, solve execution problems, spark incremental improvements, strengthen governance and induce deep transformations.


Strategic and management consulting specialized in strategic guidance, process optimization, project management, and performance metrics, among others.


Real sector consulting focused in the creation of equity value through cost reduction and value chain efficiency and effectivity, among others.


Human talent consulting with a wide array of services directed at improving results and reaching goals, enhancing people’s integral performance and strengthening organizational culture and environment.